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Hi, I’m Edward J. Uzzle, but you can call me EJ.

I help brands and businesses grow and discover their online potential through dynamic and effective digital marketing initiatives. With each client I take on, my mission is to create a lasting impression for the visitors of your online brand. I’ve advised brands from start-up e-commerce to an international multi-million-dollar business tell their story online through creative strategy, communication, research, and results-minded thinking.

With 6+ years working in the digital marketing space, I have worked with such brands as SIWISSGEAR, Broward College,, and more. I believe in bold ideas and captivating stories. As we work together, we gain the clarity needed to design an online presence you’re excited to invite your potential customers into.

Ready to build?

FOR OUR OWN: is a multidisciplinary non-profit organization whose mission is to educate, encourage, and promote a generation of leaders in enterprise, personal wealth, and healthier lifestyles.

Our goal is not only to provide educational resources for better health practices but to provide personal and professional development for members of our organization. We are here to provide the resources in wealth management, entrepreneurship/small business development, and personal development so the individuals we cater to succeed in their current and future endeavors.

Our organization has fundamental beliefs that govern our organization and is used as a measuring tool in order to meet the mission and vision of the organization and to ensure the overall success of our cause.

Couples Do It Better Podcast

A weekly podcast co-hosted by real-life couple, EJ and Kae, who are black, gay and fabulous. Every week EJ and Kae take on relationships, current events, pop-culture and a plethora of other topics with special guests and more.

Imagine being able to work anywhere in the world as long as you have a laptop and internet connection.

Creative Marketing MBA is a 12-project learn-by-doing curriculum developed to establish skills in digital marketing and start an online business from scratch.

Build skills across multiple marketing channels that will allow to grow and monetize your online presence.

I’ll walk you through on how to create a digital presence from scratch.

See exactly how to setup your online presence for yourself or a business.

Learn simple steps to launch your online business and digital marketing essentials.


A music lover that cannot EVER get enough. I believe there is a song for every moment, experience, and situation that may ever occur in one’s life.

Playing a pivotal part of how I’ve experienced this world and the unpredictable times of life.

Check out my weekly updated playlist ‘@ejuzzle_ weekly curation’  for what I’m always listening to.


At the end of  2018, my fiancé and I decided to move from sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida to cool Atlanta, Georgia. I am exited to get know my new city and experience all FOUR seasons – I couldn’t be happier!


Witnessing the brilliance my brothers + sisters display on a daily basis has inspired me to celebrate and cultivate their excellence to enrich their lives. Learn more about my philanthropy with the Black Excellence Foundation.


That means meditation, plenty of gym runs, vacations and quality time with family + friends. A healthy mind + body is my priority, and it feels incredible.

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