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Hey, I'm EJ

I help entrepreneurs build stories around their brand.

there's value in your story

Let’s work together to build a solid value-based brand that is profitable with strategic tactics for online marketing.

Hi, I'm EJ

I am a creative digital marketer and brand strategist. I use my digital know-how to help build brands and businesses to incorporate their unique story and reaches the people you seek to serve. I believe in creating safe spaces for diagnosis and growth, which is an integral part of cultivating a presence online through creative strategy, research, and results-driven thinking.

With over six years of experience in the online marketing space, I understand that there’s value in your story, and all you need is the confidence to share it. When I am not learning more about creative digital marketing, I can be found conversing on current events, vibing to some music, nurturing my interest in meditation, or seeing the world through a camera lens.

As we work together, we gain the clarity needed to design an online presence you’re excited about and develop stronger relationships with your community.



Lost and a bit confused on where to start with your brand? Is your social media strategy non-existent? Take some deep breaths and woosah, I got you covered.  Grab these free guides to help figure it out.


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There's Value In Your Story

Our mission is to help brands and businesses share a story that is uniquely theirs while building a lucrative online community. With each client, Posteriori becomes a partner in developing a lasting impression, from visitors of your website to Instagram followers into fans.

We specialize in web design, social media engagement, content marketing, Facebook & Instagram advertising, graphic design, and brand development. Our goal is to effortlessly communicate your message, instilling trust in your community throughout on all your social platforms.

Posteriori is dedicated to assisting brands find their story’s value and uniqueness that leaves an unforgettable memory.


Nothing conveys a moment in time like a photograph. 


Achieving more, together

Our goal is to advance marginalized communities through educational resources that provide pathways to personal and economic sustainability. We accomplish this by educating our communities on the pillars of health, wealth, enterprise, and education  that produce impactful leaders that understand the power of community.

Catch a vibe

“Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul.” – Plato

Every other week I add a new tracks  to my bi-weekly playlist curation. From today and yester-year, each selection is a mood changer. Come take a listen and catch a vibe in your soul.


Couples Do It Better Podcast

A bi-weekly podcast co-hosted by real-life couple, EJ and Kae, who are black, gay and fabulous. Every week EJ and Kae take on relationships, current events, pop-culture and a plethora of other topics with special guests and more.


I have a passion for building and creating nothing from scratch. I am taking this passion and directing it towards co-founding several businesses in the e-Commerce, non-profit, and entertainment media sectors. I am excited to create these brands and companies and watch them flourish.

There are times that the world can seem so massive and overwhelming. Discovering and learning the wonders of meditation, daily self-reflection, and peace within a hectic world has done wonders so far. I look forward to embracing this lifestyle completely and sharing my growth and personal experience.

With such tragic events happening every day, and the growing division within our country, I am dedicating more time to family and friends. I want to spend time creating memories and moments that I can cherish for a lifetime.

That means plenty of gym runs, vacations and quality time with family + friends. A healthy body is my priority, and it feels incredible. Inspired by Derek Siver’s Now Page. Last Updated December, 2019

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