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I specialize in crafting stories for online businesses that want to generate revenue & awareness while conveying what makes you unique. When I’m running my digital agency, Uzzle Media, I can be found commenting on current events, listening to music, chairing my non-profit, and living my best life.

EJ’s Bi-Weekly Playlist: May

Rona may be keeping us all inside, but she will never stop my party. This playlist will definitely make you dance, smile, and flirt. Kick-off your shoes, grab a glass of something good, and enjoy!

How to Rebrand a Business for the New Year

It’s a new year, which means businesses, brands, and individuals are rebranding. So, how to rebrand a business for the new year? If you are currently in the process of rebranding, and not sure where to start, these effective tactics will assist your rebranding process. Embrace the Change Whether we want it to or not,.

Content Marketing for Small Businesses Online

Operating a small business online is not an easy feat. Watching over the finances, building customer loyalty, providing value, and making sure it’s profitable can be difficult. One of the most critical pieces of building and growing a small business online is marketing. Though marketing often can take a backseat because of the day-to-day, it.

5 Actionable Facebook Ad Tactics

As a digital marketer who has worked with companies and brands on their online advertising, using Facebook Advertising can be a very useful and lucrative avenue. Appropriately done, Facebook Ads can generate sales and awareness for any brand or business, but you already know this. Increasing your click-through rates and lowering your cost-per-click are essential.

Digital Branding for Online Businesses

What customers are saying about your business/digital brand is more important than what we say about us. Your digital efforts say a lot about who you are, what you value, what you provide to your prospective clients, partners, members or customers. Digital branding is more than a logo or website design. It’s complicated how such.

Top 8 Best SEO Practices for Small Businesses

Finding the best SEO practices can be a great way to get your business or brand organic traffic from search engines. Figuring out your SEO leads to more attention and more clicks from your target audience. Experts have spent years mastering their SEO skills and have the right tools, knowledge, and passion for helping you.

Explaining the difference between SEO and PPC

Any business operating in today’s marketing landscape have heard of the terms search engine optimization and pay-per-click (SEO and PPC). These aspects of digital marketing can help build an online audience, capture leads, and generate traffic to your website. Though marketing professionals often use these terms, many business owners may not know the difference between.