Content Marketing for Small Businesses Online

Content Marketing for Small Businesses Online

Operating a small business online is not an easy feat. Watching over the finances, building customer loyalty, providing value, and making sure it’s profitable can be difficult. One of the most critical pieces of building and growing a small business online is marketing. Though marketing often can take a backseat because of the day-to-day, it is vital to focus some of your attention in this area.

Marketing takes time and consideration, which can be tedious when running a business by yourself. A solution to producing and providing high-value marketing activity is by focusing the activity that offers the best return on investment, build customer retention, and positions the business as a leader in the industry; content marketing.

Content marketing has proven to bring in high-quality leads and customers better than most digital strategies. Moreover, it builds long-term trust, increases the lifetime value of customers, and fosters relationships, which all adds to your bottom line.

Here are some ways to get started with your content marketing strategy for your small business:

Find the Right Channel

When it comes to finding the right channel and mastering before moving on to the next platform, consistency is pivotal. Start small and build the best content channel for your business that directly targets your market. Find their content consumption habits and align your content with it.

Blogs, podcasts, videos, find which one your audience gravitates to and where. Explore where they like to consume it: social media, email, or across the web? Once you’ve found it, align with the channel that you are comfortable starting.

Find the medium that best fits your comfortability, whether it’s written in a blog, voiced through a podcast, or recorded through video, master it; then syndicate across your other channels afterward, repurposing the content. Be consistent and committed to your content strategy.

Find Your Voice

You’ve selected your channel; now it’s time to find your voice. You have to identify and understand your unique selling proposition and what makes you different from your competition. Producing content that is uniquely your own and focuses on the value you bring.

Be the leader in your market. Let your content educate, help and inform the audience. Answer their questions. Find solutions to their problems. The material doesn’t have to be overly sophisticated but provides something they want.

Again, focus on providing value, be yourself and authentic, that will help build a connection.

You can create as much content as you want, but if the quality isn’t there, neither will your audience. Click To Tweet

Discover Your Frequency

Now that you’ve found your voice, it’s time to find your frequency. Understanding how much content is needed will help. Remember that you get out what you put into it. Make sure you dedicate time to your content marketing strategy.

Concentrate on being consistent. Having a regular schedule of content being produced and distributed will build interest with a perceived expertise. You will develop trust and an archive of content that will provide value for months, and possibly years.

Once you’ve set the schedule, follow through and commit; whether it’s once a week, a month — stick to it. What is critical in this area is making sure you have quality over quantity. You can create as much content as you want, but if the quality isn’t there, neither will your audience.

Develop a content marketing strategy that considers the channel you’re on, the voice, and the frequency of the content. Click To Tweet


Marketing online for small businesses can be confusing, and at times, incredibly overwhelming. Especially when you’re a solopreneur and doing everything yourself. Don’t let marketing be something that becomes an afterthought because the day-to-day can be erratic. Develop a content marketing strategy that considers the channel you’re on, the voice, and the frequency of the content. Consistency, quality, and a unique selling proposition can take you a long way in digital marketing.

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